partnersAfter 42 years in business, Akers Church Building Services, Inc., Akers & Associates Architects, Inc., and Akers Construction Services, Inc., have dissolved as business entities as of July 11, 2013. This is a result of a culmination of events, not the least of which was the economy coupled with lack of payments from some of our clients who had agreed to pay but were without adequate funding. We are pleased to note that we closed the companies, paying all company debts. In addition, we’d like to note that all employees have found employment elsewhere.

Therefore, our individual telephone numbers and company e-mail accounts have changed; please make note of our new contact information:

Stephen T. Akers, AIA
Stephen Akers Architect, LLC

Wm. Gilbert Tobias, AIA
Tobias Architecture, LLC
Church Specialist


Darren W. Day
Day Construction Management, LLC
DCM Church Builders, LLC
765.366.1473     765.362.7379

Daniel L. Vannice

We are sincerely grateful for the relationships we have created over the years and wish to individually or collectively continue our careers of assisting congregations with planning, architectural, and/or construction services by offering the benefits, services, and attributes we have provided to our church clients in the past, helping to bring the ministry facility needs and dreams of congregations like yours to fruition.

Having served in God’s Grace,
Akers Church Building Services, Inc.

And ready to continue under His Guidance,
Steve, Darren, Gil, and Dan